Welcome to the Red House!

Our house is red, and it is full of projects. That’s a romantic way of saying it’s a fixer-upper.  I want this to be an honest journal, with photos and essays about the truth of living and improving our home. I hope to show how we can find beauty in our mess and imperfections. I want you to come along with us as we celebrate our successes and learn from our challenges. Think of this as an extended home improvement montage. The pictures will not be perfect, but they will always be real. 

 This blog will be a record of our progress and a tool for keeping us accountable and motivated toward our goals for living a good life. We will be sharing organization and planning strategies for keeping up with all the housework, gardening, cooking, home improvement and handcrafts that we love. I will be sharing the transformation of The Red House as we slowly preserve and enhance it over the years. Blog visitors will be able to watch and learn with us as we gain the skills we need to do the work ourselves, slowly and imperfectly by hand.